Personal data processing and cookies

Information related to the scope and purpose of personal data processing and the rights of data subjects

Personal data administrator

The personal data administrator is owner M. Petr VETROVSKY, Au Nid de Cigogne 10, rue du Schlossberg 68340 Zellenberg, SIREN: 880 957 105 SIRET: 880 957 105 00013

Sources and purpose of personal data processing

In order to fulfil the obligations arising from Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and in particular from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) pursuant to the European Parliament Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR Directive"), owner M. Petr VETROVSKY, as the personal data administrator, would like to inform you about the details of data processing and your rights related to personal data processing.

M. Petr VETROVSKY processes your personal data for the purpose of making orders, bookings, concluding contracts relating to the offered services, and in cases imposed by law, in particular by the Local Taxes Act for the purpose of collecting spa or holiday stay fees or fees from the accommodation capacity, and by the Residence of Aliens Act where the provision of personal data is mandatory.
In the above cases, M. Petr VETROVSKYcan, in accordance with the GDPR Directive, process your personal data without your consent as it is a legal obligation imposed by law, and only to the necessary extent and within the boundaries of law.

The owner M. Petr VETROVSKY has an internal system for personal data protection, including confidentiality and contractual protection of potential external processors. In connection with the processing of your personal data, owner M. Petr VETROVSKY would like you to review the following rights related to your personal data protection.

Your rights include
• the right of access to personal data;
• the right to correct incorrect or incomplete personal data.;
• the right to request further clarification and elimination of the status in case of unlawful processing;
• the right to claim compensation for damages or non-material damage if incurred as a result of personal data processing.

Rules for using cookies

What are cookies
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Cookies are also used to create anonymous, aggregate statistic data which help analyse how the user is using a website.

How we use cookies

We use several types of cookies:
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• permanent – for easier repeated website visits

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How to restrict cookies

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